4 Little Luxuries I’m Loving Right Now

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Sometimes you need a break from the routine.

Let go of the to-do list and watch a movie on a work night. Hit “pause” on the diet and have donuts for breakfast. Buy your spouse a present just because you can. Let yourself remember that God loves you here. He loves you at this weight. He loves you before the chores are finished. He loves you before you’re fixed. Then, get back on track.

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I’m at the tail-end of a period of respite. The break from my healthy habits has started to catch up with me, specifically in the sleep department. I’m ready to reintroduce some structure to my life, not because my self-worth depends on my performance, but because God has given me the remarkable opportunity to participate in my own sanctification.

Before I leave this phase behind, though, here are four of my favorite treats:

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1. Epsom Salt Baths

One bag of lavender- or coconut-scented Epsom salt goes a lot further than a bath bomb. My neurologist recommends magnesium supplements to help my migraines, and supposedly magnesium absorbs best through the skin. (Disclaimer: I have not found a source to verify that information.) Either way, I find baths extremely relaxing and soothing for sore muscles. Sometimes I’ll risk getting the pages wet and bring a book.

2. “Dip” Manicures

It’s a little more expensive, but those magical jars of powder last about a week longer than gel polish, which fits my relatively low-maintenance lifestyle while still helping me to feel pretty and professional. Plus, the place by my house will add a layer of glitter under the clear coat upon request. I’m all about glitter on my nails.

3. Red Hair

I recommend a big, dramatic hair change every once in a while. It’s fun to do something different! In high school I chopped off my waist-length hair and went for a pixie cut. In college I got a perm. Now my hair is dark red, and I’m enjoying the astonished reactions of friends, family, and coworkers. My husband says I look like Black Widow. I’ll take it.


4. Yoga Pants

Once upon a time I judged women who wore leggings in public because they seemed tacky and immodest. Then I tried on a pair, and a Tim Hawkins song started playing on repeat in my head. All of my superiority melted away in the face of that new level of comfort.

Learn to enjoy this season.

Whatever season you’re in. Soak in the luxurious moments–and remember to thank God in the boring and mundane. Don’t waste your effort feeling guilty about the good stuff or complaining about the routine. God’s involved in both stages. He’s working right now.

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Keep your eyes open, and keep on inviting Him into every moment of your life.


The Reluctant Bride

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