20 Reasons to Give Thanks Today (Instead of Worrying)

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Evan and Marie - HQ-8441
Daniel Swanson Photography

1. You have enough to eat today.

2. You have people who love you.

3. You have a body that can move.

4. You know how to breathe deeply.

5. You have eyes that can see the light.

6. You have a spirit that can feel emotion.

7. You can choose to count your blessings.

8. You have Someone to hear your fears.

9. You have small victories in your past.

10. You have this day as a precious gift.

Evan and Marie - HQ-8439
Daniel Swanson Photography

You have this day as a precious gift.

11. You don’t need to control the future.

12. You are forgiven of your past mistakes.

13. You are loved now, exactly as you are.

14. Your worth does not depend on works.

15. You can appreciate cute, fluffy animals.

16. You have the ability to laugh and smile.

17. God invented your unique personality.

18. You can celebrate with other people.

19. You can grieve with other people, too.

20. You don’t need to understand everything.


The Reluctant Bride

Evan and Marie - HQ-8442
Daniel Swanson Photography

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