God Wants to Do Homework with You

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You probably don’t even realize how often you experience anxiety.

In all likelihood, you worry constantly. Like a bad habit of popping your knuckles or slouching, you don’t recognize the severity of the problem until you try to quit.

I’m practicing a new discipline.

I have started praying every time I feel the slightest bit stressed out. Today, a client showed up at the station who hadn’t been answering my emails. My boss needed information from them, but they tended to record their radio shows and rush out the door. No time to talk. I felt my stomach tighten in anticipation of bothering them.

Then the automatic reminder of the Holy Spirit chimed in my head, and I remembered to tell God about my insignificant, momentary concerns. Jesus, I’m feeling nervous about this right now. I’d like to trust You, but I don’t know how. Please help. Thank You.

Those simple prayers work.

Over the past few weeks, I have rediscovered a truth that the Lord tries to teach me again and again. God cares about the dumb details of my life. Start saying quick prayers every time you feel the smallest amount of stress. Although He may not respond immediately, God will answers those prayers. He has been waiting for you to ask!

God cares about the dumb details of your life.

I remember the first time it occurred to me that God might want to participate in my college homework. Sitting in the basement of the CCU library, fretting about an essay, I had the unusual idea to invite God to write with me. It seemed odd at the time, but one brief prayer transformed my entire outlook. Suddenly the project took on new life, new energy, new excitement. I wanted to write that essay, and I wrote it darn well.

The kind of prayer I’m talking about isn’t complicated.

All you need to do is tell Jesus what you’re feeling and ask for His help. Remember that it’s OK to be completely honest with Him because He already knows, anyway. You can tell him straight up, “I highly doubt this will do any good, but I’d sure like some help right now.” Nine times out of ten, He will surprise you. The tenth time, it’ll take a while for you to realize that He came through after all. Sometimes you only notice in retrospect.

This stuff really works.

Try it. I dare you. The next time you start to worry, even about something insignificant, tell Jesus and ask for His intervention. See what happens … and share it with me! Then do it fifty more times. This is slowly becoming a habit for me, and although I’m still in the early stages of transformation, I can already tell a difference in my general demeanor.

Your life gets better when you include Jesus in it.

We’re taking baby steps toward the abundant life Jesus told us we could have. Don’t worry about the distance you still need to travel. Moving slightly closer to Jesus is so much better than standing a little farther away. Isn’t it wonderul that He wants you?


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